Get the right tools for the job.

Having the right tools is important. Here’s our recommended list of tools that will help you complete our kits or build projects of your own!

Soldering Iron and Solder

The main tool used for soldering. The tip of the soldering iron gets extremely hot. You are then able to melt solder and make a connection between electronic component and printed circuit board.

Soldering Iron Stand

Soldering irons are hot! A stand allows you to keep the soldering iron on without it rolling around and burning your table or you!

Snips (also known as Flush Cutters)

Once a solder joint is complete these are used to cut the excess leg of the component so you don’t have wires sticking out every which way.

Helping Hands

Everyone needs a hand once in a while. Helping hands are moveable clips that can hold components in place while you solder.

Tip Cleaner

Keeping your tools clean is important! The soldering iron tip should be cleaned in between connections. This will remove excess build up and allow for clean and strong soldering connections.

Solder Sucker

It is ok if you make a mistake. A solder sucker can be used to remove excess solder. First melt the troublesome joint then place the solder sucker near the melted solder and use it to vacuum up the liquid solder.

Silicone Baking Mat

Useful but not required. A silicone mat will protect your table from being burned. It is also has a slight grip to it so components won’t go skittering off the table to be loss in the carpeting abyss.